This is the website of Steven David Brown BA (Hons) MA DipLaw Barrister CFE.

He fervently believes that cyber related crime and the need for robust approaches to digital evidence constitute the greatest challenges to effective criminal justice today. Transnational solutions are imperative and are dependent on promoting awareness, sharing expertise and building capacity at the national level. To this end he has created the Massive Online Open Course ‘Insights into cybercrime and electronic evidence’ which is available free on udemy.com. This course now has over 2,000 people enrolled from more than 117 countries.

In addition to cybercrime and electronic evidence, Steven’s work has focused on combating corruption and fraud, promoting criminal intelligence as a strategy, as well as best practice in forensics and the collection of evidence through training, drafting legislation, developing policy and supporting effective strategic and operational management.

During the past 20 years Steven has worked with national and international agencies to build capacity in many specialist areas. These include:

  • Cybercrime and electronic (digital) evidence
  • Integrity
  • Special investigation techniques
  • Anti-trafficking (human and narcotics)
  • Combating financial crime (including fraud and corruption)
  • Intelligence-led policing
  • Criminal Intelligence structures, systems and procedures
  • Crime analysis
  • Forensic Science and DNA
  • Crime and police related legislation
  • International cooperation and mutual legal assistance
  • Interviewing and interrogation best practice
  • Human rights compliant law enforcement
  • Witness protection
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Protection of personal data
  • Programme and project development and management
  • Strategic development
  • Organisational and corporate governance
  • Management in policing





“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



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